Saturday Pennant

The pennant game is completely different to any other game played in lawn bowls.

Pennant is a club game, with the focus being on winning a ‘flag’ for your club. You wear the colours of your club and are playing, not so much as an individual, but as a member of a team.

The process starts in September/October of each year, when the Pennant Selection Committee nominate the number of divisions that can be fielded for the coming season, based on the number of participants. Each division consists of four member teams. Depending on the Division there can be three or two teams, ie 12 or 8 players. There are practice games leading up to Round One of pennant, which begins in early October. The Pennant Selection Committee use those practice games as a guide to the ability and compatibility of players.

If you are interested in playing pennant, you need to tick your name on the list provided for potential pennant players, in June/July. From that list, the Pennant Selection Committee nominate the number of divisions the club will be fielding for the coming season.

When the pennant season commences, a selection panel is elected to select the teams each week for the duration of the season. A season is normally 14 rounds of games plus finals. Pennant is played on Saturdays, at home or away, according to the Mornington Peninsula Bowls Region fixture. The game consists of 21 ends, in which each bowler of the team has 2 bowls per end. The day starts at 12.45pm, with a 2 bowl roll-up, up and back, practice. The actual game starts at 1pm sharp.

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