Club Championships

Club championship events are open entries to all members of the club wishing to participate in competitive lawn bowls. These events are very highly regarded with winners having their names inscribed in gold lettering on the various honour boards which are proudly displayed within the club house.

There are separate championship events for ladies and men as well as a ‘mixed’ event for a lady and a man. Each event has its own ‘conditions of play’ (i.e. rules).

For new members of the club, experienced or novice bowlers, these events provide excellent opportunity to test bowling skills against other fellow member bowlers in a competitive but friendly environment.

The most prestige event is the ‘singles’ event. The lady and man winners of the singles championship from the previous bowling season have the great honour of rolling the first single bowl on the opening day of the current bowling season in front of club members / dignitaries as well as invited local community dignitaries.