Indoor/Carpet Bowls

As the name suggests is played indoors and on long green felt carpet. The carpet is approximately 6 feet (1.83 metres) wide and 30 feet (9.14 metres) long. Much smaller biased bowls are used. The objective of the game is to position your bowls closer to the “jack” than your opponent. The rules of the game are similar to outdoor lawn bowls with some relevant variations.

During the outdoor off season from early May to late August each year, carpet bowls is also played in the Club. This is a great opportunity for many people to make the most of the winter months instead of being cooped up at home, often alone. Carpet bowls provides the opportunity of meeting others in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and enjoying some good fun and competition, whilst also having some much needed social contact.

Social games are played on Saturdays, whilst two teams each of four players take part in inter-club competition (Pennant) on Tuesdays.

It is not necessary to be a lawn bowler to take part in carpet bowls or to even be a full member of the Club. People wanting to play carpet bowls only, need to join the Club just as a Indoor Bowl Member, current cost $45.00. Indoor Bowl Membership also enables the member to enjoy other aspects of Club activities such as very cheap bar privileges, all social activities such as the very popular Friday evening “Sippers” gathering.

Inquiries for Indoor/ Carpet bowls may be made to Bryan Lee on 59888176 or Mobile 0427 373 755